Personal Responsibility

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Phiebie Hutchins
Personal Responsibility Thesis

Personal responsibility is something that affects everyone in some sort of way; it is a very important factor in who we become. Taking on personal responsibility does not mean everything will come easy or that you have control over things that may happen, it means you can make better choices on how things turn out in your life.
As a child, we are dependent upon our parents to hold our hands as we progress into our teens. Sometimes it becomes difficult to move forward without being a victim to change. As a person move into adulthood personal responsibility becomes even more difficult because adapting to change is difficult. You are now at a place in your life where you have a freedom to make decisions and without falling back into a place of dependency.
There are several ways to investigate our personal responsibility. One way in discovering responsibility is to move forward. We cannot wait on anyone else to make decisions, take control or hold you back. So many people start a project or make major decisions that will impact their lives and because we wait on others approval, we find ourselves sitting in the same spot because we felt we lacked the support needed to reach our goal.
Becoming a successful college student takes on a huge responsibility because you must have personal responsibility in order to have success in college. There were many times I ask myself, why I am doing this? There are so many additional responsibilities in coming a successful college student especially when you wait until your own children are in college. While you are teaching your children how to become successful in making the right educational goals; you too must apply those same goals in your own success.
Successful students do not wait until the last minute, in other words, don’t procrastinate. You learn how to take control…...