Personal Responsibility

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easy you are mistaken, and I can personally tell you without personal responsibility it is almost impossible to make it through this career. In my opinion, through experiences in my life I have seen the effects of taking responsibility while also witnessing the negative effects of neglecting responsibility. I have been in the fire service for 10 years now, and it takes a lot of dedication and schooling even after 72 hour shifts to survive everything needed to be a firefighter let alone promoting through the ranks in the fire service. The brothers I've seen fail in this career are the ones who did not take on responsibility for themselves therefore failing in college and promotions within the fire service. My feelings are confident responsibility is the key to all things successful. I want to talk about the effects of taking responsibility for your self while in college for firefighting. I will discuss the effects that not taking responsibility can have on a rookie firefighter during school and training. Personal responsibility must be used in life just as much as college to be succesful.
Taking on personal responsibility is not easy it is so hard when you get in the world world and once you understand the real world I truly feel as when you will be at the upmost understanding of personal responsibility I like to start talking about when I was a firefighter going through school I had a very difficult time trying to complete all of my assignments this wasn't because I wasn't trying I felt overwelmed with The Fire Academy,EMT and General Ed. While balancing these challenges My desire to Volunteer increased so I applied for the Local Fire Department, And got hired as a volunteer who had to complete 48 hour shifts while taking a pop test at any given moment from the officers. without personal responsibility I would not have been able to do any of those things…...