Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility Essay
Personal Responsibility is seen when one is accountable for her own actions or decisions. While it is easy to blame others and avoid dealing with the consequences of one’s actions, when a person assumes responsibility over a situation they are able to proceed through life with one goal in mind: succeeding. Though there are many factors that can determine my success, if I am able to be honestly accountable for my actions I will prosper. Making mistakes and taking accountability for it while trying to accomplish my goal will lead me to my desired end result. The key to success is obtaining personal responsibility because it requires accountability for the consequences of one’s actions, thus defining one’ character.
Former president Theodore Roosevelt once said, “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month.” People have an intention, act upon it, then either accept or deny the consequences. My definition of personal responsibility is being accountable for all actions and decisions made by the individual. Facing it or avoiding it is dependent on the person’s character. If one’s character is just and righteous she will take ownership, appropriate praise and reward when it comes to her behavior. Contrarily, a person whose character is questionable and dishonest will deny or divert blame or punishment with their negative actions. Personal responsibility and moral responsibility are comparable. One either takes praise or blame depending on their moral values.
In school, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, regarding their education and success. Students are given assignments in and out of class, and each of them are expected to perform in a way in order to succeed and pass the class, like follow instructions and submit the appropriate material.…...