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Personal Responsibility is linked to College Success


July 1, 2013

Jeremy NeVille

Personal Responsibility is linked to College Success
As George Washington Carver said, “Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.” (LeadershipNow, n.d.). Although, people are naturally unable to take responsibility, college success is attainable when an individual accepted personal responsibility. With an early behavioral intervention set at a young age, academic success is easily adaptable and reachable. Continuing higher education such as attending college is an individual’s personal responsibility of choice. Higher Education offers a place for learning and practicing skills such as; setting goals, manage time, resolve conflicts, and learn new skills. Recognizing our potential can advance our ability to gain lifetime-acquired skill for success in college.
Accepting personal responsibility is to own up to his or her mistakes. When an individual accepted personal responsibility of his or her actions, he or she takes full control of all the decision-making. Pointing fingers or making excuses for any circumstances are not a trait of an individual who takes personal responsibilities for his or her life. Acknowledging your own mistakes is an admirable trait of a responsible individual. In every family household there are different sets of values and approach on teaching their children personal responsibilities. These children are taught to have responsibilities, for example, chores. In my personal experience growing up, I would drag myself in getting up every Saturday mornings. I knew my parents have list of endless chores that are required to get done before I can start my weekends. Because my parents were consistent on making those chores done on a weekend basis, overtime, I realized they were teaching me a powerful tool…...