Personal Responsibility

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Nothing in life is free; so it is your personal responsibility to do all you in order to accomplish what you want in life. I believe that if you want something badly enough in your life, you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to your personal responsibilities. Your personal responsibilities involve setting goals and priorities as well as using time management wisely.
Part of your personal responsibility is to set goals. You need short term goals as well as long term goals. Then it is up to you to figure out how to accomplish those goals. One of my goals is to pass this class and get this paper written. My responsibility is to make sure that I stay on task. I must not let it overwhelm me. I know that if I don’t succeed at my short term goal, I won’t be able to accomplish my long term goal of being the first in my family to finish college. I, however, am the only one who can do it. No one else can do it for me; so it is my responsibility to see that nothing keeps me from my goals.
Another part of your personal responsibility is to set priorities. What is more important to you? An example of this might be making the personal decision to go out and party or stay home, when an important paper is due. Experience has shown that if you dedicate a poor amount of time to a project, your will produce an inferior product. On the other hand, if you devote a good amount of time to a project, then chances are a lot better that you will produce a good product. It is your personal responsibility to decide what kind of product you are willing to turn in. You will only have yourself to blame if the product is not up to the required standards. As a single mother with two small boys, working full-time as a police officer, I cannot afford to fail any courses. It is, therefore, my responsibility to give my assignments top priority and the necessary time to…...