Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility means to take the initiative in life and also education. To be able to have personal responsibility one must have a plan to execute what is to be achieved. Everyone may see personal responsibility differently by taking the initiative may lead to success on college and life with many benefits.
The dictionary describes the word initiative as, an introductory act or step; leading action. Meaning the first step, personal responsibility is a step toward greatness, in regards to colleges success, personal responsibility is an essential. Certain actions and guidelines must be laid down for yourself such as time management. For example, instead of spending two hours watching television, perhaps two hours of studying might be more beneficial in gaining needed knowledge of a course. The more known about a subject the more likely it is for a person taking the course to pass with a good grade. Another example of time management would be to make sure enough hours of sleep are being taken. Rest can allow a student to be able to focus better in class and course work.
As stated previously a plan is needed to execute personal responsibility in education success. A student could write down what they plan to accomplish for the week academically and in regular life. By doing this it will be easier to complete course work because a plan has been implemented to balance school and daily life. Another benefit of planning is it allows for less stress because times about when to study or complete homework have been set allowing for some free time to relax and let off some steam.
Personal responsibility is a must in college success. If a student wants to have success in all courses he/she must be responsible in time management and making a plan so that college success will be a breeze rather than a dreadful experience. In conclusion…...