Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility Essay
Cory Gowin
June 2, 2014
Prof. Albert Hernandez

Every person in this world has some personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is your ability to achieve something or get something done that is due in a timely manner. Personal responsibility goes hand in hand with college success. Also, you must have a plan to practice personal responsibility in order to be successful in college. The topics we are going to talk about in this essay are just a few that are critical in life and the professional field.
Personal responsibility has to do with one’s ability to achieve a specific task or goal in a timely manner. I personally believe if you want to be successful in life then you must have personal responsibility. According to Tusculum College, “Personal Responsibility is one of the most important lessons that can be learned at college” (Estes, 2011). Personal responsibility includes getting up in the morning for work, making it to work on time, having proper hygiene, and many other things of that nature. Being a team leader takes more personal responsibility, because you are not only responsible for yourself, but you are also responsible for your teammates. If one of your teammates does not do their job, you must stand up and see why they did not do it or if the deadline is soon, maybe go ahead and do it yourself or with the help from other teammates, so the grade for everyone does not make a downwards spiral. If you lack personal responsibility, in the classroom, you may disrupt the class and may get kicked out of the class (Estes, 2011). These are my thoughts and ideas of what personal responsibility is.
College success requires personal responsibility; therefore they go hand in hand. To be successful in the college realm, you must practice personal responsibility. You cannot procrastinate on your assignments; you must get…...