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Personal Responsibility: A key to Success in all aspects of life
Ashley Benard
Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
Instructor: Paul Bishop

Although everyone does not possess strong personal responsibility skills does not mean that they cannot be successful in life, Personal responsibility is the key to being successful in all aspects of life.

Personal responsibility is the key to being successful in all aspects of life. It is evident that when you lack responsibility for yourself that it plays a part in the lack of success you may encounter in life. Personal relationships and careers can be affected when you do not take control of your actions. Taking full responsibility for your short comings and not blaming others for what you are not doing will lead to redirection into a positive and successful life.
Listed below are 5 Keys to Success.
1. Stop the blame game.
2. Root out your irresponsibility.
3. Change your self-talk.
4. Keep on learning.
5. Don't be disturbed by the sore losers.
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Being irresponsible can lead to poor choices. One trait in individuals that are irresponsible is that they make impulse decisions. They don’t make the effort to investigate or gather information without doing the first thing that comes to mind. They use constant excuses and blame everyone but themselves for not doing the things that they are supposed to do. An example is receiving a bill in the mail that specifically gives you a due date that it has to be paid. It could be anywhere from 7 to 14 days, but instead of paying it early you decide to throw it into a pile of mail and forget about it. The next week you receive a notice saying that you will be charged late fees for it not being…...