Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Derrick Grooms
February 26, 2014
Robert Lightner

Personal Responsibility
Ever wonder what it would be like if we lived in a society where citizens where not held responsible for their actions? If we did, we would more than likely live in a society of failed justice, political, and education systems. Fortunately for us, we do live in a society where the majority of our citizens take personal responsibility for their actions. Personal responsibility motivates us to do what is important and right for ourselves, other, and our community. Personal responsibility is an important characteristic to live by giving us a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
We all have our own definition of personal responsibility and how we apply it to our lives. For instance someone that is married would be more personally responsible to their family, career, and finances. As a single person I would be more personally responsible to myself, my community and education. The difference in the two is that we are more responsible to the things that matter the most to us. In (Webster’s Dictionary 2007, p1074) it defines Personal as “of or particular to a certain person; private individual”. In (Webster’s Dictionary 2007, p1221) it defines Responsibility as “condition, quality, fact or instance of being responsible; obligation, accountability, dependability etc”. Together personal and responsibility is a life characteristic that we all must learn to achieve our goals, keep us focused on what is important, make the right decisions, and carry out our obligations to ourselves, others, and the community. According to (Guthrie 2008) “Personal responsibility can be learned, and it can be learned at any age. But it is not innate. It must be taught, and internalized”.
Personal responsibility plays a huge role in college success when…...