Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Tyrone Norris


January 23, 2012

Melody Van Fossen

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility can be broad range of different perspectives when defined. Although, many may look to themselves first to depict their definition of personal responsibility it doesn’t always give it as others may understand it. Personal responsibility is being accountable for your own actions and that no one else is managing your efforts for you. Personal responsibility reflects your own character especially how others may perceive you. It’s very important to develop good habits when it comes to personal responsibility because I believe that it is also a big part the process for maturing as an adult. Decisions which can make a huge impact on one’s life or career choice stem from level of personal responsibility. This also incorporates a level of responsibility towards others such as your peers or coworkers. Actions of responsibility affect others in various environments. It’s proven that only looking out for self does not constitute a right way of thinking or managing affairs. The part that we play, even as individuals, are most often part of the bigger scheme of things.

The level of maturity one has can be determined by how they handle personal responsibility. The student that has made their minds up that they will not waste time or take for granted the opportunity to be students are those students who can appreciate the challenge of being responsible for the outcomes in the future. I don’t think there is a contrast between personal responsibility and college success really, because it will take that discipline in personal responsibility in order to achieve college success at all. Personal responsibility develops you as a person as you move towards your goal or desired level of achievements.