Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Tim Sisson
GEN 200
March 24, 2012
Virginia Mapes

Personal Responsibility
What is Personal Responsibility? Personal responsibility is defined by Merriam-Webster (2012), as: “Responsibility: the quality or state of being responsible; as moral, legal or mental accountability.” This definition can take on many annotations. It is my opinion in regards to this paper that Personal Responsibility is what makes up a person’s ‘moral fiber’. It is the ability to make decisions based on what a person feels is right or wrong. It is that little voice in the back of a person’s head that guides them when life presents choices and challenges. Those who possess Personal Responsibility tend to make wiser choices and decisions in life. These wiser decisions are made for the fact that they know that they will be held accountable for their actions. Personal Responsibility is the hallmark of success in all aspects of a person’s life. It is that individual who makes the wiser decisions in life that will tend to be more successful in life.

Individuals have the choice to make right and wrong decisions in life. Galindo (2010) states “It is their morals, ethics, and personal responsibilities that guide them through life in their decision making process.” A persons ‘moral fiber’ is defined by how they make those decisions. Will the individual be responsible and make the right decision or will he possibly make an easier, less responsible choice? Is the thought that nothing may happen to them if they make the wrong choice guiding their decision making process? Far too often in today’s society do we see poor choices made with little or no consequences. Whether it is a child who makes a bad choice of lying to his parents or an adolescent that makes a poor choice in judgment, there is far too often no repercussion involved. I feel this is…...