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The Amity and Wild Pinder

Michael Pinder Period 1 9/15/11
3……………………………………………………………….. Introduction
4……………………………………………………………….. Family Name
5……………………………………………………………….. Coat of Arms
6……………………………………………………………….. What’s in a name?
7……………………………………………………………….. Personal Alphabet
8……………………………………………………………….. Unfinished sentences
9……………………………………………………………….. Picture this
10……………………………………………………………….. My own list of lists
11……………………………………………………………… What my name means
12……………………………………………………………… Symbolic Recipe
13……………………………………………………………… Autobiography intro.
14……………………………………………………………… Cont. Autobiography intro.


I chose this title because it describes me in full. Since I was a toddler up to now as a teenager I have been doing crazy and adventurous activities. I’ve slept on a private beach in key Biscayne and walked 6 miles to the brickell bridge, jumped off the middle of it and walked another mile to the bus stop to get home with an injured back that was hurt for months. I’m the type of person that is down for anything fun and dangerous even if it means to get hurt and me knowing I will get hurt. I aggressive inline skate jumping gaps 10ft and grind rails bound to get hurt and when I do I continue to because it’s what I enjoy doing. I’m Amity because I’m a friendly person who does not scavenge around looking for problems. I’m humble because I hate getting into arguments and love peace and quiet so when someone screams in front of my face I get furious and I’m bound to fight them. I do make friends easily and treat them with the respect that I hope to get back.

Family Name
Difference Difference
My name Michael Family name skittles
From the Hebrew name (Mikha'el) Skittles means wonderful, meaning 'who is like God?' colorful, and tasty. Originated at
This is not a statement and does the Mars company. not mean Michael who is like God; it is a rhetorical question. Is one of the archangels.

Coat of arms
Personal greatest achievement people and a smile

What to accomplish one year left People to say about me

What’s in a name?

A name I would’ve chosen for myself would be Anthony Garcia. The story behind my name means like a god. My name is a historic name that has an archangel named Michael. I do like name my parents gave for me and I like my last name that everyone calls me by. I think my name is pretty cool because hardly any has the name and you don’t hear it unless you go to the Bahamas.

Personal Alphabet

Abiding Wall-to-wall
Bahamian Xenial
Careless Yellow
Unfinished Sentences

1. I usually worry about my little brother getting hurt because he is 4 and has a long life ahead of him. 2. I feel angry when I’m eating and people around me disturb me, bother me and especially when they try to grab my food because I want to gain weight. 3. I’m moody when I’m bored or when I’m very hungry because I want to live a fun, full life 24/7. 4. I’m happiest when I had just ate and when I have money to go out and have fun with it because I have plenty energy to run around. 5. I feel confident when I study a test for two hours and then take it and get an “A”. 6. I feel frustrated when I have to do homework such as a fifteen page autobiography project because it puts stress on my head and back. 7. I feel depressed when it rains outside on a weekend that I planned on going to the beach because I want to tan. 8. I am comfortable when I go to my bed at three in the morning because it makes me feel like a king. 9. I feel nervous when I don’t do a homework sheet and the teacher says it’s worth 15 grades because I care about my education. 10. I feel sentimental when people talk about my family because I love them and that is disrespectful.

Picture This

Aggressive inline skater Yandriel Silverio grinding stair ledge.
By: Yandriel Silverio

I chose this picture because he is my friend and we skate together. Skating is my favorite hobby and I enjoy doing it because it involves taking risks and that’s what I like doing. Skating the way we skate is dangerous, fun, and risky like the type of person I am. He is doing a very complex grind on a high ledge that I plan on doing someday so he is my inspiration to skate as good as he is.

My own list of lists

1. People who have influenced me- Mom, sister, teachers, my boxing coach, friends, jay-z. 2. Places that make me happy- Golden Corral, Fudd ruckers, south beach, clubs, cicis pizza, and denny’s. 3. Place I would like to go- Atlantis, Hawaii, California, Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, New York, and Mexico. 4. Things in people which I like- Smile, humor, wild-side, hyper, laugh, and patience. 5. Things in people I dislike- rude, annoying, impatience, lazy, disrespectful, and seriousity. 6. Things that worry me- no food, rain, thunder, money, hurricanes, people with guns. 7. Things that I would like to know how to do- skateboard, play golf, snowboard, fix cars, fly a plane, and rap. 8. Things that have moved me- me, myself, and i. 9. Ideas that intrigue me- Making a ramp, backflip on a dirt bike, skydive, human car wash, building shoes to run on water. 10. My personal favorites- surfing, golden corral, the beach, skating, basketball, football.

What my name means

I think my name means humble and honest as I am. Michael meaning handsome and humble. My middle name Alan meaning a land from above, a special gift fallen from the sky. My last name Pinder means rare and honest, no one is compared to me because no one on earth is like me.

Symbolic Recipe

Pinder Ingredients
A bit of anger.

1/8 teaspoon of humble. 2 tbsp. of honesty, 1 tbsp. of modesty ½ tbsp. of faith. Pinch of anger; 3 tbsp. of friendliness; 1 tbsp. happiness; ½ tbsp. humor; 2 tbsp. of love.
Stir for 2 minutes straight for a warm cuddling friendly love taste, let stand in microwave for 30 minutes for warm sensational feeling. Place in refrigerator for 2 minutes to cool down jalepeno pinch of anger and you will get an awesome satisfied meal. Warning! Do not overcook modesty fades away.

The Autobiography Introduction
My name is Michael Pinder I am 5’8 I have a large family of 2 brothers 1 sister and many cousins. I like to party, skate, surf, and go to the beach . I am the type of person that’s down to do anything and I go along with whatever plan my group of friends wants to do. I like doing random things out of the blue like when someone has an idea that they say and its good but dangerous I’ll do it anyway because it still requires fun. I like going out to eat almost anywhere so I am not a very undecisive person I just go with the flow.
I see life as a fast pass you live it and you go just like that, you skip a line and your turn has already occurred for death. Life is not long enough to live with the emotions of sadness, fear and depression. You should always live with happiness and take the right path to live the best way you can. Before death comes I see that we should overcome all of our fears and experience everything in life we want to. You should start early because death can be right behind you and you don’t even notice until it hits you. Take advantage of your early life before it’s too late.
I think my future will be more exciting than it is now because at an older age you can experience a lot more things. I hope I will be a home vet with my own business in California as well as a lifeguard on the beach. I see myself on a beach house surfing everyday that I am not busy or when I’m available. I will be with a wife that loves to experience things and will surf along with me.
Overall I think my life is great and I love living a life and I’m happy to be here, I appreciate it greatly. I live my life to the fullest and I hope in the future my life will be how I planned it. Everyday on I earth I live with no regret and live it happily. In my life there is a bit of fear but no sadness because you will eventually get over something you’re sad about anyways. If you live a sad live then at the end you have to make up for the time. I am very thankful I am here today and I will enjoy every bit of my life happily and fun. “Live life a step ahead and enjoy it forever.”

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