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Personal Value Chain

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My personal value chain:

The value chain is a set of processes, which create value and can be used not only in the business environment but also in my personal life. The value chain helps to create a competitive advantage and improve personal performance. In my current career status I am gaining competitive advantage by continuing my education with a study program to earn a graduate degree. This degree is something that my former co-workers during my apprenticeship have not obtained and it will help position me in to a competitive advantage. Also the fact that I am member of a student organization.

The method or process in which I follow to ensure that all aspects of assignments are complete is a checklist with priorities via a calendar. During the past week, this is a process that I have marked for process improvement. I recognized that even though I am turning the assignment in on time, I failed in the process to ensure all aspects of the class deliverables are completed on time. I currently accepted a promotion to the Resource Manager job; one of my duties is to strategically to add value to subordinates. Understanding how direct reports feel valued in the work place and building a relationship based on trust is essential. I have created an atmosphere of trust by analyzing and evaluating situations even before they are a problem. It is essential that employees feel that their thoughts and ideas are acknowledged, and credit is given to the correct person. I have created a system in the department in which, employees bring these ideas to the table where they are shared and evaluated for adherence to senior management, creating value. I re-evaluating my career goals to help maintain focus in keeping my goals attainable. Creating value is necessary when looking at long-term goals. I always identify and eliminate wasteful activities that do...

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