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Week 2 - Case Study Analysis 1
Cherie A. Parker
University of the Potomac
BUS 520 - Human Resource & Organizational Behavior
September 11, 2014
Professor James Booker


Civil rights activists in the United States used nonviolent means to protest unequal treatment during the 1950s, which led to the passage of important nondiscrimination laws and guaranteed an equal opportunity for employment to all. Employment discrimination against different classes of people has been long practiced by U.S. employers. To ensure that organizations comply with antidiscrimination legislation, the EEOC was established to monitor employers’ actions. Thereby requiring effective management to have the knowledge of the legal aspects of employment relationships. Sexual harassment is an area of particularly important to managers and supervisors. Sexual harassment can occur between a boss and subordinate, which can affect working conditions. Managers should make an extensive effort to ensure that both male and female employees are free from all forms of sexually harassing conduct. Differences of all sorts among people are ubiquitous in the workforce. Discrimination remains a concern as the U.S. workforce becomes more diverse, managers need to leverage these differences because they can be the source of organizational strength.


Sexual harassment comes is displayed in several forms the in workplace. What didn’t seem to be sexual harassment in the past has turned into a full blown court case. The different forms are sexual, quid pro quo, and hostile work environment. Some people don’t understand how simple actions can find themselves accused of quid pro quo.
Sexual Harassment: A Frank Discussion
What is Quid pro quo? Quid pro quo harassment is the most commonly recognized form of sexual harassment. In Latin the term means “this for…...