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I. Title and Author: My Sister’s Keeper By: Jodi Picoult

II. Fiction (not a true story) or non-fiction (a true story): Fiction

III. Settings: Rhode Island

IV. Important characters or people:
Anna Fitzgerald – is youngest Fitzgerald child. The protagonist of the novel. Anna is thirteen years old. Anna is smart, funny, and observant.
Sara Fitzgerald - is mother of the Fitzgerald family. Sara is strong, stubborn, and intelligent.
Campbell Alexander - is Anna’s lawyer. In the beginning overconfident and harsh.
Brian Fitzgerald - is the father of the Fitzgerald children and a works as firefighter.
Jesse Fitzgerald – is the oldest of the Fitzgerald children. Jesse cannot save Kate, and he has never been able to forgive himself for that. Also, he has often felt ignored by his parents.
Kate Fitzgerald - is the middle Fitzgerald child. She has struggled with cancer nearly her entire life
Dr. Chance - Kate’s oncologist. Is a kind but serious man. Dr. Chance represents the science and medicine keeping Kate alive.

V. Other characters:
Zanne - is Sara’s older sister. Zanne is a woman without children. She watches Anna and Jesse when Sara goes with Kate to the hospital.
Judge DeSalvo - is fair and kind. Judge DeSalvo honestly cares for Anna’s well-being.
Taylor Ambrose - is Kate’s crush and cancer patient. Kate and Taylor’s short relationship emphasizes that, at heart, Kate is a normal teenage girl.
Izzy Romano - is Julia’s twin sister and roommate. Izzy’s doesn’t like Campbell because of how much he hurt Julia.
Judge (the dog) - is Campbell’s service dog.
Julia Romano – was Campbell’s high-school girlfriend. One of the caring character in the story. Julia never improved from the way her and Campbell’s relationship ended.
VI Plot (for fiction) or major events/summary (for non-fiction): Anna Fitzgerald was genetically designed,…...

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