Personality and Individual Differences

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Personality and individual differences are crucial element in both human and animal development. The personality traits are therefore a rage of differences that arise between individuals and emanate in form of thoughts feelings and behavior hence differentiating one individual from another. Human beings are different from one another not only in their physical appearance but also in there behavior. Take for instance, two identical twins may respond to the same stimulus quite differently even though all aspects of their appearance seem to be similar.
Oliver (2008) illustrates that there is much evidence that the behavioral (psychological) development is shaped by multiple factors which ranges from biological, familial and cultural. The underlying perspective is that all behaviors are learnt through the interaction with the environment .For instance a newly born child is believed to be completely black and his/her characters are developed as a result interaction with the environment .This learning theory differs with the common perspective that all human beings are born with personality characters. Oliver (2008) goes further to explain that parents have a crucial role to ensure that there kids glow up with the kind of character traits they want or admire. He believes that children have always depend on the resources there parents provide making parents a unique influence on all aspect of children development. This always go a long ways even when the child has developed into full grown adults. He always attaches parents as an important source of information in life
Richard (2007) clearly illustrates that unlike other theories such as psychoanalytical, social learning theory provide tangible evidence for the difference in human character. Many people are satisfied by the fact that some of the characters…...