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Personality Doesn't Matter to Marketing Practioneers - Debate

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Personality matters to the Marketers
Aren’t organizations concerned that their marketing strategies are based on half-baked knowledge and information? Aren’t organizations always concerned of dropping sales? If marketers are trying to get to the moon with a bunch of sky rockets strapped to the back of the chair, they are never going to get their goals in place. It might push them somewhere, but not precisely where they want to go.
But, the million dollar question remains, how to know what the consumers are thinking and that too well ahead of time?
And the answer to that is, marketers need to know the “personality” of the consumers. Their personality is the key to make them buy the product.
Personality affects decisions like when and where to buy. An indiviual who doesn’t enjoy crowds is likely to shop in a boutique, early in the morning or late in the night. One might prefer buying online if one has limited free time after work. A person who simply loves shopping can be easily found at every hook and corner of shopping malls and would prefer choosing products personally rather than buying online.
And this is where the role of marketers becomes all the more crucial. They can leverage on this and create differentiation in their products and by understanding the personalitites can increase the sales as well.
• It acquaints the practitioners with what customers value
• It helps understand their thoughts
• It dictates their behavior
For marketers the strategy in place needs to be based on bedrock principles; understanding human personalities.
There are various schools of thoughts and each of them have classified and defined personality in a different way. However, they are mostly associated with brand. As far as human personalities are concerned they are largely of four types (Tim Van Milligan). So therefore, there are four types of customers that may come to...

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