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Reaction to Bandera’s Social Cognitive Theory Video

In order to explain his social cognitive model Bandura started his video presentation with a negative view of the world social situation. The picture of the middle class women in New Delhi, fighting for water around a water tanker, as the water supplies are depleting looks so alarming. Violence. Child traffickers, inhumane conditions, AIDS and high population growth statistics. 40% of the population in the Mideast is under 15, and this population is doubled. Young populations, living in poverty, under autocratic rulers, and plagued by corruption, in addition they’re very easily recruited for violent activities. Then he continued with woman discrimination: “In these societies women are marginalized, they’re devalued, they’re disallowed aspiration, and they’re denied their liberty and dignity”. At this part of the video Bandura opens the door for change and his social cognitive theory. He explained that the fastest way for a society to increase its human capital is to educate their women, because that is half their talent. We need to educate women and we need to do a better job with the half of the population that is written off. He confused me when addressed that we don’t need more babies. Educated woman should be prepared to have babies, career and a better status in society.
He showed his model from a drama in Sudan. They include the benefits of family planning, educational opportunities for daughters, the injustice of forced marriages, the risks of early childbearing, the prevention of HIV infection, embroilment in drug activities, and genital mutilation. This keep me asking the same question, social models that work for us in United State could be possible to be implemented successfully for other people around the world? And there it is, he talked about the social diffusion model, in which you have to...

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