Personalized Medicine

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Week 5 Assignment 2
Janet Clifford
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Dr. Kerry Lee
5 May 2012

Lisa Sowle Cahill’s article, “The genome project: more than a medical milestone” discusses the history of the human genome project. The project started in 1990. (Cahill, 2000) The goal was to map the entire human genome within 15 years, on a budget of $3 billion. The human genome project is not old by scientific standards. However, the developments from this project have been breakthrough and impressive.
The benefits of personalize medicine are easily recognized. The major benefits of personalized medicine are early diagnostics and, medication and treatments are personalized to an individual for maximum results.
Diagnostics use molecules to measure the levels of genes, mutation, and proteins that can be used in the provision of specified therapy that fits the patient health condition. (Science daily, 2010). Our DNA and genes can determine the likelihood of an individual developing certain diseases and how an individual can react to certain medication and treatments. With personalized medicine, medical professionals can analyze a patients genome and identify risk factors to intervene and begin a treatment plan that will best cure/treat/delay the disease of that particular patient.
Personalized medicine can change the way professionals approach diseases and illnesses. It has the ability to alter healthcare to further fit their individual needs. Using the individuals genome, personalized medicine has become a future possibility. Personalized medicine is developing medicine, specifically for the individuals genetic makeup and therefore, the effectiveness of treatments for diseases is more effective for each specific patient. Medicine and treatments can be customized to an individual's medical care, to better treat that individual's specific needs. Personalized medicine will be a…...