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Personnel Quality Management

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1) Introduction -------------------------------------------3
2) Objectives pertaining --------------------------------4,5
3) Sources of data collection ---------------------------6
4) Review of literature ----------------------------------7
5) Findings ------------------------------------------------8
6) Conclusion ---------------------------------------------9,10
7) Recommendations -----------------------------------11

A precursor to present day human resource management, personnel administration and personnel management were popular terms that emerged in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Personnel people need to wear many hats while managing the show. They have to translate the corporate philosophy into concrete action plans without ignoring employee interest and concerns. paper qualifications do not mean much in such a scenario. To get ahead, the personnel man needs qualities of head and hear in equal measure Personnel Management is concerned with people at work and their relationships with each other. It may be defined as a set of programs, functions and activities designed to maximize both personal and organizational goals. It ensures that organization attracts and hires qualified, imaginative and competent people. It involves the establishment of various policies to deal with employees and to retain them. To this end, it lays out the rules regarding working conditions, designs appropriate compensation plans, and strengthens employer-employee relations. According to the...

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