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Theatre 110 Brad Reissig 11/11/10

Response paper of Urinetown

I really enjoyed watching the Urinetown. The story was very unique and the characters were unique too. It began with an Officer Lockstock and Little Sally. I felt that Officer Lockstock is kind of narrator in this show. He said some kind of background of the place and also felt friendly and welcome to audience.
As the result of a terrible water shortage, there are no more private toilets and all restroom activities are handled through a private corporation, the Urine Good Company. To control water consumption, people have to pay to use public toilets. It is illegal to pee in public area but some people don’t have money to use toilet, and if they try to pee, get caught by one of the officer, they are under arrest. Just this story, made me think of The Water War in Bolivia. The reason what cause of the conflicts is because the privatization of the public service of drinking water in Cochabamba and the authorization to raise tariffs. It was modified substantially the law of drinking water and sanitary sewer so even using rain was also illegal to people. Just like Urinetown, it is similar problem but made not too serious like water problem but pee. It was very new and unique to me. I can easily define the characters’ job just by looking at their clothes. Most of people were wearing dirty and shabby clothes. Rich people were wearing shiny and colorful suit with dress shoes. They also talk slow, relax and act like they have lots of money. I like the part where the lights going dark and have glowing stuff.
The lighting was great too. When the actors sang bright song, the lights get brighter and when the Officer sang, it gets darker. Also it really shows when day and night is. The music and lights went well together. It gave me strong impact on some part and helps me understand the scene change.
It looks like the actors had lots of training as well. Climbing ladders, running, dancing and singing requires lots of physical work and everyone did great job. Officers did good job show themselves mean to people and sometimes comic to audience. Hope Cladwell sang amazing songs throughout the end. She had lots of song and her voice was still fine when she was acting or sings high pitch. Her actions were great. How she wears clothes and acting defiantly showed rich person. However, not like her dad or his followers. Her acting was different rich person. She acted like don’t know anything about the town and showed good lover of Bobby. I like the Little Sally the most. She did what her character supposed to be, a precocious little girl. She dressed up like poor but she had great sense of humor and also a good narrator of the show.
The sets were perfect for the define Urinetown. The walls painted dark and gray, see the trashcans, looks very sketchy place. Which show that the place was very poor and socially there is a big gap between rich and poor.
I must admit, toward the end of the show, I forgot to take notes. I was so into the performance. The idea of this show was unique for me and the performers leave songs in my head. It was great musical; make me want to watch again.

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