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Persuasion and Influence

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Seminar in Leadership – Andre Jaundoo

Reading Assignment #6 – Persuasion and Influence

By Andre Jaundoo

1. Summarize the advice given by Chris Anderson. (1 point)

a. In summary the advice that Chris Anderson provides on how to give a Killer presentation. Is broken up into several categories. The first is being able to “Frame your Story”. Within any preparation is it vital to conceptualize and frame what the presenter wants to say. More importantly being able to take the audience on a journey where they feel engaged. And be able to share real life stories with value that the audience can relate to. Point number two was to “Plan your delivery”; which is broken into three main approaches to include reading it off a scripts or a teleprompter, develop a set of bullets to speak from, or to be really good. You can always memorize your presentation verbatim. Chris emphasized that it would behoove a person not to read the presentation or even read off a teleprompter. Or else you will lose the audience. Nevertheless, memorizing the talk will ultimately be your best option. However, as mentioned it to can prove quite the challenge in memorizing your talk, just for the fact that at times most people go “Through That Valley of Awkwardness”, where they have yet to memorize there talk to a tee, and at times the audience are able to recognize when the lecture presented now all of a sudden comes across as recited. Bottomline it will behoove you if given the right amount of time to memorize the speech thoroughly, and also have a list of bullet points on a note card to reference to keep the flow going. Thirdly is to “Develop Stage Presence”. For experienced speakers, at times can come across flawlessly. However, for the inexperienced ones can pose to be the most difficult part of giving a presentation. Having an experienced person present there are noticeable...

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