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It can be extremely difficult for a woman to know what is the best option for her when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Many women feel that abortion sound like the most appealing solution for their circumstance, in fact, according to a study (Sedgh and Bearak, 2016) approximately 56 million abortions are performed each year, all around the world!

Abortion, also known as pregnancy termination, is defined as (Anon, 2017) a medical process of ending a pregnancy by removing a fetus before it is ready to live outside the uterus. There are two ways to end an unwanted pregnancy: medical abortion, which involves taking medicine to remove the fetus or by surgical abortion that involves a minor operation at a health center. Each procedure is used
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There are many possible reasons to why parents might not want to have kids. One of the reasons can be that contraceptive did not work as they should and the woman became pregnant by accident or in case of underage pregnancy. Young people do not have a good idea of contraception and unprotected sex, why should they not have to go through a birth when there is an option to solve the problem in a simpler way? They should not lose their education and career opportunities over one mistake. Just because someone made a mistake, it does not mean that they should be punished, which additionally only will make the mistake grow bigger.Moreover, a woman might be in a relationship with someone she does not want to have a baby with, for instance an abusive relationship or basically just a temporary relationship. Others might already have children and do not want more because they want to be the best possible parent to the kids they already have! Okay, responsibility is important, but who will take responsibility if nobody wants to adopt the child and if the parents do not even want it? The child will grow up in bad conditions, feel unwanted and…A child should never come unwanted into this world, there are already too many unwanted babies in our over-populated world. All children should be born wanted, loved and cared

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