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Persuasive Essay On Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a big problem in the United States and across the world I believe that the government is not doing enough to prevent child abuse even under the government's “watchful eye” there are hundreds of children being abused every day and the government still does nothing to prevent it. In one little girl’s story the girl was starting to be abused at the age of two, the court decided not to have a court meeting. The little girl could not talk yet her mother told lawyers and police officers, but they didn't listen to her the excuse was the mother was going through a divorce. When the mother suspected something was wrong with her child she took her child to a hospital, the doctors reported signs of possible abuse so the police officers came and said there was not enough evidence to open a case. The police …show more content…
At least 786 children have died from child abuse while the government has known about it. In another girl’s story in Stockholm Springs, Maine, Marisa Kennedy was age 10 when her mother and step-father beat her to death at a Stockton Springs condo. Since her death Marisa’s mother and step-father have been charged with depraved indifference murder depraved indifference murder means where an individual acts with a depraved indifference which results in killing the other person but not intending to kill the other person. According to neighbors and school teachers they called the hotline many times, but the hotline ignored their calls until Marisa Kennedy age 10 ended up dead on the basement floor by her parents taking turns whipping Marisa in the stomach with a leather belt. The police and DHHS have been to Marisa house many times, but have never removed Marissa the home where Marissa died on February 25th 2018. DHHS knew what was happening to Marisa Kennedy. DHHS have been to Marisa house to do a search for any signs of possible abuse but did not find anything but DHHS was not looking very

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Persuasive Essay On Child Abuse

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