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An American Author once stated that “The American Dream has run out of gas. The car has stopped. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies.” this man was J.G Ballard. America has always been considered the greatest country, while most people would consider this to be true, it turns out for a small percentage of people this is not true. The U.S. National Debt has been doing nothing but increasing. The last time the debt had reached zero was Jan 8th 1835 when Andrew Jackson was president. As of now the us is $20,502,528,668,603 in debt. The U.S. is no longer the greatest country in the world, our education system is ranked 14th for worldwide education systems in reading, in math were 25th, and finally in science were 17th. Though many may consider the american dream to be dead in fact it's quite the opposite It's still alive and achievable despite these statistics. Drive and motivation have become a determining factor in achieving success. Fixed mindsets is where intelligence and talents are limited, this is why some believe the dream to …show more content…
The american dream is not a set path and is up the individual and whether they can deem themselves to be happy and successful. While everyone may not become rich and successful they can have the potential to become successful in their own view. The american dream has many possibilities for everyone whether your born in this country or immigrated to america it can be achieved through hard work and dedication. In the words of John F. Kerry “In this remarkable time for the world, I refuse to believe it's time to stop believing in the possibilities of our remarkable country. I refuse to accept the downsizing of the American Dream. I refuse to bet against American entrepreneurial spirit and American ingenuity.The competition's tough, and it requires us to be tougher - tough-minded, never hard

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