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persuacion memoPersuasive Memo To U.S. Army Human Resources Command

Persuasive Memo To U.S. Army Human Resources Command

Juan Fiqueroa

TUI University

Persuasive Memo To U.S. Army Human Resources Command

To: Gina S. Farrisse, Mayor General,

From: juan Fiqueroa, Sergeant

Date: May 02, 2011

Subject: Enlisted Promotion System

Each year Congress passes the Defense Authorization Act, this act defines how many people is to serve on active duty. Is to my understanding that promotions to the higher grade are derived from this number, promotions from the grade of E1 to E4 are of no concern to me since they are done at company level and for the most part by time in grade under first line supervisor control.
Also promotions to E7 and above I believe to be well administer since for the most part are the comparison of competing members service folders by a promotion panel and at this grade the responsibility swith from being direct like a foreman or section chief to more managerial. The promotion group that is concerning is E5 and E6 promotions.

E5 and E6 promotions for the must part are fair taking in consideration factors like physical fitness scores, weapons qualification, performance on the board on military topics, military education, civilian education and military training. All of this topics with different percentage factors. The key part missing to make this a good system is an on the specific military specialty performance part on the system, and one that accounts for a good percentage factor on the equation, let's say at least 25 percent.

The main benefits of this move would be a more ready and competent force, where it would be no question as every one that is in charge would be ready to lead their operation better than the next leader on their same level

It is to my discontent and to many in the military as you could see if you…...