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Persuasive Message - Product

Gloria Gutierrez-Anaya


October 20, 2014
Luis Cova

The Beginning

An icon of American culture for nearly 100 years; you all know what I am talking about the Girl Scout Cookie. From the beginning to the current it has gained popularity, from the cookie itself to the styling box they come in.
Cookie Box The cookie box has gained so much popularity that in the 2000s Girl Scouts had a mission to design the new bold and bright cookies box, to reflect the spirit of Girl Scouts. Now in 2014, with the demand from customers wanting the majority of all the cookies, the time has come to introduce the “Girl Scout Cookie Multipack Sampler.” The multipack would combine all the favorites with the least favorites (if there are any) all in one. With 12 different types of cookies to choose from a customer may have a hard time deciding which one to choose. If this happens, then the Girl Scouts have a likely chance that they will not get the sale. But with the new multipack sampler the Girl Scouts have a better chance at gaining the sale because the customer can have all the cookies all in one. In addition, many of the Girl Scout troops would benefit from this multipack because they would have less boxes and packages to haul around and be accounted for. The environment would benefit as well, with little waste that would be produced for our recycle bins.

Conclusion The biggest advantage for the Girl Scouts would be the resources would decrease because of fewer packages the company would need to produce. Having a multipack sampler for customers to choose from the company it meeting the needs of the customer as well finding more cost effective, environment friendly product people have learned to love and enjoy for 100+years.
Girl Scout web-site: • I would present this message to my boss would be an oral presentation; such as a power point.

Sales Pitch to the consumer Girls Scout cookies an icon of America culture. Can’t decide which one is your favorite?
Now you don’t have to; introducing the all new: “Multipack sampler” – All 12 assorted cookies bundled in one.

• This would be introduced in a brochure format

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