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Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals


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Assignment 5: Persuasive Paper Part 3: Possible Disadvantages, Answers, with Visuals
Cell Phones and Driving – A Convenience or a Law Problem or Both?
With technology constantly on the rise, a growing problem on the roads today is the use of cell phones while driving. Although cell phones are a great convenience, there are people everywhere that use their cell phones as they are traveling in their vehicles and it is dangerous. Strict laws should be developed and enforced regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Over the years, there have been a growing number of automobile accidents directly caused by a person’s use of a cell phone while driving. This action does not allow the driver to be focused on his or her driving and can potentially cause harm to himself or herself and to other people, and has proven to be potentially dangerous and sometimes fatal.
It is a great convenience to have a cell phone. A person is in constant touch to others when equipped with one. Today’s cell phones are extremely advanced and have wonderful applications, to the point that they could replace an actual computer. When a person is in a dire situation, it is advantageous to have a cell phone so that help can be called immediately. Apple can pinpoint the locations of their phones, even if they are turned off. The cell phone has come a long way in just a short period of time and people who do not have one are becoming the minority.
With everything in our lives, there are going to be those who will not support a law against cell phone use while driving. They will feel that such a law would take away their freedom, especially with the constant growing of technology. We use our GPS navigators built into our phones, and that is a distraction as well. Some new models of cars are now equipped with communication and GPS devices built-in. This too can prove to be a

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