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A. Name: Day and Time: Tuesday 2-4

B. What’s my message? By showing relevance to the audience’s life and my own experience I want to tell and show them why it is important to stay in contact with people.

C. Audience Analysis: 1. To whom am I speaking? Fellow bond university student and tutor; age between 17 -25 years old

2. What do you want them to know, believe, or do as a result of my speech? I want the audience to understand and acknowledge the importance of staying in touch with people and how it can have a positive impact on you; I also want the audience to understand that with today’s technology of ‘Facebook’ it has the ability of taking away the effort in staying in touch with people.

3. What is the most effective way of composing and presenting my speech to accomplish that aim? - Use of anecdotes in portraying personality to the audience and showing the audience through my stories that I have credibility in this area and I know first hand the benefits of ‘staying in touch’ - Connotative language to shape peoples opinion of staying in touch; use bubbly, infective, energetic words so people will have a positive image when they are think of staying in touch with people, this will also help them get motivated to reconnecting with people. - End with a rhetorical question / positive statement to allow the audience to question if they are doing all they can do to stay in touch with people and if they not they will want to after listening to the speech. - Use the introduction as a way of telling the audience that by listening to this speech it will make them want to reconnect with people due to the positives that will be outlined in my body. (Terry Lufffman, 2010)

4. What is their demographic? Both male and female age between 17 and 25 years old, university students, from all different places and countries. The act that I am...

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