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Persuasive Speech About Love

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Begin; Let them know what it's about
Listen as I tell you I suffer with a curse, never to leave a space or a blank verse, must fill every line with a tale to tell, so I'll tell you all about this spell.
It started some time ago now, I met someone and made a vow, never to sin, never betray, never to leave in any kind of way.
When people ask what love is, how can they understand, all I know is I feel unreal everytime you hold my hand, I'll tell them it's around us no matter what we do, for me love exists but only when I'm with you.
Each of us hope that we find our soulmate, we wonder through life gently guided by fate, but I urge that no one in this world is the same, the echo in my dreams resemble your name.
They say it's fate that guides
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Slowly we unwound the bandage, that hid our lives of unhealable damage, because with me, you didn't have to pretend, I loved you more than I could ever love a friend.
&if I could write a book, about how you make me feel, the title would be something that no one could steal, "Angels can make all your dreams come true..", when you hold my hand, I understand the magic that you do.
An enchantment might explain it, I capture and embrace this, this magic is so blinding unlike I've ever known, I hold your hand and every fear is overthrown.
When you're here I feel like the best I'll ever be, I love that feeling you've always given me, it gives me faith, a reason to believe, that maybe one day we could be free.
I've written this for you if ever you said, that you had questions about the thoughts in my head, know I'll wait for you 'till the roses lose red, a door that begs to be opened, a book that yearns to be read.
I never told you how beautiful you really are, you shine brighter than the sun, brighter than any star, nothing compares to your first true love, but I'm feeling like words can't explain
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I'll never be too far away, and I promise every word I've scribbled is true, there will always be a place, in my heart reserved for you, we've said it before, this world could leave us anyday, because our love is undying, it will never fade away.
Another night, my memories live on, imagine me without you, every page would be gone, what I'd give to hear you, say my name once more, I'd fight my way through hell, earth's center, the core.
A puppet being guided, I feel it in my veins, fate draws me to you, whenever you call my name, sometimes I wonder myself, why this took so long to write, but it shows my dedication, worth every sleepless night.
I know there are only good reasons, why I'm writing this book, but maybe I wish that one day, I'll be unhooked, free from this hold, you've always had on me, but I know that i'll still see you, everytime I fall asleep.
I used to be the strength that raised you up high, now I'm the one with my head in the skies, here I stand alone with you in my heart, in my head I keep looking back, right back to the

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