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Introduction Teaser: Show a short clip from a poker movie. Internal Preview: In order for us to fully understand the benefits of playing Texas Hold’em, we must first explore the problems associated with gambling. Second, we’ll explore what’s causing everyone to play Texas Hold’em. Finally, we’ll offer some simple solutions as to how you can maximize your winnings. Transition Statement: So first, let’s discuss problems associated with gambling.
II. Main body 1: Problems
1. Addicting
Claim: Gambling addiction is a problem.
Grounds: According to a 2011 article by Dr. Stanton Peele, Is gambling Addictive? What do addicted gamblers look like?, Dr. Peele claims that, “an activity not involving a substance can be addictive.”
Warrant: Stanton Peele Ph.d, J.D. has written books on addiction and has credibility on the issue.
Bad debt
Claim: Gambling is not typically a good source of income and if not done responsibly, can lead to large debt.
Grounds: According to a 2012 ESPN article, written by Bill Simmons, Charles Barkley admitted to squandering millions of dollars away at casinos.
Warrant: Espn sports analysts are very diligent and professional.
Transition Statement: Now that we have a grasp on the problems associated with gambling, let’s discuss whats causing the craze over Texas Hold em.
III. Main body 2: Cause
Claim: Texas hold em is becoming a world wide phenomenon, because it’s fun.
Grounds: There are multiple major Texas hold em events including the WSOP, and the WPT.
Warrant: These tournaments are widely known in the poker community as the stage for the big event where everyone gets their chance at fame and fortune and are shown on t.v. regularly.
Cash incentive
Claim: Winning can get you paid.
Grounds: According to the World Series of Poker Official Tournament Coverage and Results, the payout for first place of the 43rd Annual...

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