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Nursing; a hardworking and a demanding profession in which many skills are required. Throughout my school life, I have taken part and being involved in many different activities and events which have lead me to obtain a variety of skills which will be needed in the near future.
My aspiration to become a nurse was reinforced many times but the most memorable to me was the short period of time I spent in hospital. I observed a lot of nurses fulfilling their job by ensuring that all the patients were content with their treatments. The nurses were very enthusiastic about their job and did not appear burdened throughout my stay. This taught me to appreciate the staff and the facilities that are available to us and we take advantage of.

Having carried out numerous work experience placements, I was able to gain new skills. Working at a pharmacy allowed me to develop my confidence, as I was required to communicate with patients with language barriers. I managed to overcome this issue by modifying my English to suit the patients’ abilities. This was beneficial to me as I can apply this experience in a practical way in the nursing field. As well as working in a pharmacy, I volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at an Arabic school. The students were of a mixed ability and my goal was to try and improve their grades in order for them to obtain good grades. Although it was a lengthy process, it required me to be dedicated and committed to every weekend in order for me to achieve a good experience. These traits are demonstrated in nursing in times in which nurses have to give up their days off to cover for another nurse or stay at work for a very long period of time. During the summer holidays, I also took part in a big charity even in which the aim was to raise money for children in Africa to allow them to school and get an education. This event was very large and required for me to work in a group of nine including the managers and come up with a way in which we can make a lot of money to help the children. Through this event, I obtained many skills such as communication, team work and interpersonal skills.

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