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Perusasive Essay on School Lunches

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Think of what students are learning at school and how it affects their lives. School lunches can in turn, affect what students eat outside of school in a potentially hazardous way. This in turn can be a major hazard to many students in many ways.
My school can improve its school lunch system in three ways. The three ways are: 1. to serve healthier and more nutritious meals, 2. to have more sanitary practices with the cafeteria workers, and 3. improve the seating arrangements in the cafeteria.
My school cafeteria lunches serve meals that can potentially be dangerous to one’s health. On a typical day, we may have a Mexican pizza and corn. These are two carbohydrates and are not two good food choices or a balanced meal. My school offer salad and a fruit if you want to buy it; but as you know most middle schooler's will not choose to buy either. Fruit, salad, and a vegetable should not be an open option but part of balanced school lunch. Again, school cafeterias should provide healthier lunches for students. Schools need options for students that can in the end benefit their health. Providing healthier school lunches can decrease the obesity rate around not only at my school but around the world. Statistics say, “Healthy lunches would help decrease the rate of childhood obesity and health effects” (“School Lunches”).
Secondly, my cafeteria should serve more sanitary foods. I say this because sometimes we find small human hairs in our food during lunch time. My friends and I find this disgusting! It makes the school look bad, but it is also very unhealthy. A human hair is a foreign object in your body that should not be there, and should not be consumed; whether by accident or just not recognized it. An example of this is, one day we saw a hair in the casserole served for lunch and we told the lunch lady; she then took the bowl and threw it away. Immediately, we all...

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