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Final Report on Organization Development

Topic: Perfect Organization in my mind

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Date of Submission: January 05, 2012


Perfect Organization in my eyes


A perfect organization is the organization which has a strong and devoted leader, strong management system, better co-operation among the employees, good team working capabilities and so on. To build a successful organization we should emphasize on three basic factors. They are- Leadership, Team working and perfect evaluation. Considering these three factors I felt that SQUARE Group of Company is really such a good organization in my country.

Overview of the Organization:

Square today is more than just an organization, it is an institute. It symbolizes a name- a state of mind. But its journey to the growth & prosperity has been no bed of roses. From the inception in 1958, it has today burgeoned into one of the top line conglomerates in Bangladesh. Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the flagship company is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh since 1985 & is now on its way to becoming a high performance global player. It was a partnership effort of four young & enterprising men whose determination & passion saw it through the turmoil’s of the incipient period. By the fourth year Square turned into a profit making organization. Today Square Group is becoming a leading local corporate conglomerate in Bangladesh. A family of over 12000 people & as a law abiding corporate citizen, Square always strives to provide best services to its valued customers & renews its pledge to the most preferred network in the country & beyond the country. It is one of the oldest & largest groups of companies operating in Bangladesh. The...

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