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This paper focuses on the various strategies of organization change based on the leaders’ pet peeves. It has researched articles from various authors. One of such author is Kowaski, Robin M. in his book, “Complaining, Teasing and other Annoying Behaviors”. The paper has gone further to provide the recommendations on how these organizations changes are carried out. The paper has reviewed the case scenario of a C.E.O who wants to bring about change, but is concerned by the large size of the employees and a company’s long history without change. In the first section of the discussion, the paper highlights data observed on the graph which will be followed by a detailed recommendation. Also included are factors that hinder organization change, as this will help one understand the whole concept of organization change.


One of the company’s goals is to have an organization that appreciates all employees. However, the data shows that the workers do not feel appreciated since only thirty five percent agree they fell appreciated. Appreciating employees is paramount as it makes them feel special (Senior & Swailes, 2010). This actually motivates them to work hard resulting to increased production and enhancing employer-employee relationship. The company can make the employees feel appreciated by doing little things. This may include, knowing employees names, introducing them to important visitors, and not ignoring their presence. To ensures that the employees feel wanted and as part of the organization. It is the little gestures that will make workers feel appreciated, also attending workers’ personal functions such as fund raising and funerals.

Another goal the company is working towards is developing an organization that is team based. A team based organization is one that workers work as a team to achieve the organizational goal (Poole, 2000). It is paramount in that individuals do not concentrate on their own gain, but their interest is in the well being of the organization as a whole. This team work spirit enhances communication among all levels of the organization since there are no personal interests hindering workers interaction. An organization can create this spirit by developing commonality among the workers. Also, the organization can encourage the workers to put aside their personal differences during work, holding seminars on how to create team work can also be a stepping stone.

When it comes to the movement of data, from the worker to the manager all the way up, there is an increase in the rate of the movement of information. Despite the importance good communication holds, it is not put into consideration. Many books have been written about improving communication but most organization seems not to consider the desired effort (Poole, 2000). Communication being the backbone of information exchange is of outmost importance in any business organization (Kuriger, 2004). The companies try to improve their lateral communication by making the departments know that their communication skills play an important role in the productivity of the organization as a whole. This will in turn make the worker improve on their clarity and the way they share information with each other. On the other hand, top and down communication is mostly influenced by the top management. This is because they are to set the example as well as the ground rules of how they will be communicating; this is to create an excellent flow of information.

Long working hours have both disadvantage and advantages (Kuriger, 2004). The advantage being the extra working hours can be used to create employment. However, if this is not the case and the same workers are overworked then it becomes a drawback to both the workers and the organization. Employees will want to work the extra hours so as to earn more pay and some it is due to job insecurity. Some organizations will not pay the extra hours arguing that its part of the job description, but this poses a threat to the employee’s health and safety. This is brought about by exhaustion hence reduced concentration at work. The work performance will reduce and the organization will stand to lose. To deal with this, the company may decide to create a policy where overtime working is voluntary depending on the individual capacity of the employees. The company might also decide to employ more workers, and then divide them in such a way that some are assigned those shifts that would have otherwise been overtime (Poole, 2000).

It would be true to say that when things are well back home, then at work all will be fine. The employee will tend to do their job according to the way they run things back at home. When a woman is experiencing domestic violence, she will tend to be in a low mood, which in turn affects her working performance. As much as the company ought to respect its employees’ privacy, it cannot just stand and do nothing (Kuriger, 2004). It can help by creating a counseling and guidance department, and then take the responsibility of encouraging the workers to seek for help. Also, this department should cater for the welfare of the employees. Giving financial support to families in case of a certain functions or ceremonies would be a very big gesture to show support. This may include contributions from other colleagues in case of death of a family member. This does not only make things back at home better, but also enhance team work.

Feedback helps one know what to improve and what to change. This is the most effective way to bring about organization change, as the information is direct from the respondent. One will receive feedback depending on the manner the questions are phrased, as well as presented. For optimum answers, the questions should not be troublesome or bulky, but short straight to the point. This will help the respondent understand and not spend unnecessary time just looking at it. The feedback process usually involves questions that, gives the respondent a chance to freely answer back. The company should hire professionals to assist in this process; this will ensure optimum results are achieved. Feedback helps the company make decisions that are coherent with everyone’s views; hence there is no need to make unnecessary consultations. Developing a 360- degree program can be very beneficial in improving communication and work performance. Management sometimes uses feedback supplement. This approach accentuates the development role within organizations, and the 360-degree feedback is occasionally use as a vehicle to reemphasize the importance of development, particularly during organizational change efforts (London & Beatty, 1993).

For a C.E.O to convince over two hundred thousand employees and a company that has been operational for forty years to change, it is unarguably a heavy task. This decision will involve all stakeholders: investors, employees and the government. The best way to go around this is by giving a clear and comprehensive recommendation to the existing disparities expressed by the employees.

The section explains the steps necessary to take to aid in the organization changing process. The first and foremost would be to identify the dissatisfaction expressed in the feedbacks. The feedback will form the basis for change; this is because it involves a direct confrontation with the respondents. The points taken from the feedbacks should then be studied to show things that are supposed to be removed, changed or altered with. Then a committee of experts should be assigned the task of looking for solutions and recommendations to these problems. After the recommendations have been given, the company or organization should make the decision on the things to change.

There are some factors that hinder organization change. These factors form a hindering block to development since it is always accompanied by change (Senior & Swailes, 2010). Some of these factors include: for instance, the size of the organization. This might hinder change in that it becomes very expensive to convince thousands of people to move with the change. This can be dealt with by conducting campaigns in an effort to increase the awareness and embrace the coming change. This is by showing them the benefits it is associated with, for example better working conditions. Another factor is the time the organization has been into existence. This is deterrent in that, it may have already formed a tradition which might be difficult to break from (Kuriger, 2010). However, the use of technology is slowly abolishing these traditions and a new era is introduced where organizations have to change with the changing times (Kuriger, 2010).


Due to the emerging issues and trends in the science and technology sector, organizations are forced to accept these changes, making it paramount to come up with recommendations that will see the organization move with time. This is usually not simple but still there is no other approach, hence the paper concludes by saying change is inevitable.


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