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The Drucker Assignment
Kenny Astrianti

In order for a business to grow, or even to stay alive, it will need to be innovative. Especially in this era of globalization, where competition between companies is getting more extreme and technology is vastly changing. Most people will agree that it is important, for business and individual, to stay innovative. Chapter 20 “Principles Of Innovations” enlightens me the most for several reasons. Firstly, although the chapter was first published in 1985, Drucker’s concept on how to innovate can still be applied today. Secondly, the concept introduced in this chapter will be incredibly beneficial for me to build my career, and to be a better individual, later on. And thirdly, the chapter topic “The Dos” really helps me to acknowledge the things that have to be done to be a performer in innovation. Coming from Indonesia that still struggles with poverty and unemployment, I fully realized the need to be innovative, however, I always questions the on how to innovate and this chapter really improved my knowledge to identify the source of innovations and what to do with it.
27-years after the chapter was published, Drucker principles of innovation can still be applied on today’s business environment. Drucker’s explanation on the sources of innovation gave me a different point of view on how to innovate. Prior to reading this chapter, I thought some people, like Steve Jobs, are born with the innovation DNA because I have not understand on how they do it. However, Drucker explains that aside from the “flash of genius”, the purposeful innovation resulting from analysis, system, and hardwork is all that can be discussed and presented as the practice of innovation (Drucker, 1985). The main key to success is not just inspiration, but the practice of systematic innovation within the company. Besides the right strategy, the key to the...

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