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Peter Pan
Peter and Wendy

Peter and Wendy is a novel written by James M. Barrie. Hodder and Stoughton published it in 1911 in the United Kingdom. The novel is based on Barrie’s play The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up which has the same storyline and was published in 1904

The novel is about the little girl Wendy and her smaller siblings Michael and John who goes on an adventure in the magic Neverland with Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up. Peter listens to Wendy’s mother’s bedtime stories ever night by the open window in her room. One night Peter gets seen, but while trying to get away peter loses his shadow. Another night Peter tries to regain his shadow. He wakes Wendy up and gets her to help him. Wendy helps reattaching the shadow to peter, and Peter invites her and her brother to the Neverland. In the Neverland Peter introduces Wendy and her brothers to the Lost Boys, and the brothers quickly becomes one of them.
Peter is in trouble with some Pirates who is lead by the evil character Captain Hook. Hook despises Peter; they are a kind of archenemies. One day Wendy realizes that it is time for her to go home to her parents, but unluckily Hook kidnaps her. Peter goes on a mission to save her, and it ends in an epic battle between Hook and Peter. Peter wins the battle. Wendy decides to go home, and she takes her brother and the lost boys with her. Peter keeps living in Neverland.

Peter Pan is a relatively easy novel to read; I have calculated the lix number for the first page to be 28. According to Elkan 28 is a fairly low lix number, but it is still not considered a common readability for children’s literature. Because of this I consider the target group to be children in the age 10-15. I believe the novel is more likely to be used as a read-aloud book, because it is too difficult for smaller children to read it. The novel has neutral style in...

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