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Pfl Industry Analysis

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Patties Foods Ltd Analysis
Start by understanding the external environment discussed in the text—the factors that affect both the growth and profitability, and the level of competition in the industry (refer to Module 2).
How would you define the industry to be analysed? Is it global? Is the organisation Australian or based overseas? Can you make any inferences about the industry value chain from the
Text? What industry key product and services segments are mentioned? Are you able to identify the stage of the industry life cycle from the facts given?

Patties Foods Ltd is in the frozen food industry. It is an Australian organisation.

Industry segments: frozen savoury – meat pies, sausage rolls, cheese and spinach rolls, pasties, quiches dessert – fruit pies, waffles, crumbles, crepes fruit products – frozen whole fruits, processed fruit products

retailers – in-home foodservice outlets – out-of-home exports – less than 1%, US and Asia

Frozen food sales increased during the recession as most consumers chose eating at home over dining outside due to reduced household budgets. In addition, most consumers feel frozen foods help in cutting expenses as wastage is less and trips to the supermarket are reduced. Frozen foods are also easy to prepare.

The frozen food industry is best described as being in the maturity and moving into shake-out. Characteristics of maturity:
Characteristics of shake-out: PFL has grown through acquisition and became a mojor supplier and marketer of frozen savoury, dessert and fruit products.
Remain competitive in a very competitive’s strategy is focus on efficiency, cost control and market segmentation. The industry is in the maturity stage of the industry life...

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