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MOP Micro Finance Ltd stands for (MICHAEL OBAKUMAH PERCY) an acronym formed on school bucket in the 80s. The company started on the dining table around September 2009 and it has grown beyond the acronym.
The business started to grow from 2010 and MOP Finance Ltd was formed and registered at the Registrar Generals' Department as a Micro Finance company on the 23rd March 2010 which happens to be my birth date.
The name of the company later changed to MOP Micro Finance Ltd to conform to regulatory requirements of Bank of Ghana. The company grew from a mere asset base of GHc5,000 to about GHc1,000,000 in just three years.
Bringing tailor made micro banking and financial services to the reach of women, underprivileged and the poor in every community with a population size of 7000 in Ghana by 2030.
We intend to build a culture of savings, empowering women through financial freedom and wealth acquisition, micro lending to the poor and underprivileged and to also demystify banking services. MOP Microfinance Limited is one of the leading and preferred microfinance companies in Ghana.
We offer comprehensive financial solutions at the micro level to our valued clients in a professional, caring, responsive and profitable way. Our products are preferred because we listen to your needs and work with you to ensure a complete solution to your financial problems in a timely manner. | | The following are product that are offered by MOP Microfinance Company. * Personal Loans * Workers Loans * Business Loans * SME Loans |

During my internship programme with MOP Microfinance I realize I have a good communication skills. I was the secretary and also the front desk personnel. I sometimes welcome people into the office and anyone who comes for enquires concerning our services were directed to…...

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