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Pharmacist Refusal

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Hiring a pharmacist for a rural 100-bed hospital does not leave a CEO many

options for alternative dispensing of medications. There are usually only a few

pharmacist in the hospital and in the town itself. The pharmacist is mandated by

standards that manage their practice. The physician writes an order that is specific and in

good standing for a patient. The pharmacist checks the order and other medications the

patient is on at the time of the new prescription. The pharmacist must make sure that

there is no interaction between any of the medication. A pharmacist is obligated to

contact the physician if there is any other medication in the system that is not a good

interaction with the new medication. A pharmacist must now offer all patients a

consultation regarding their new or old medications.

When hiring any employee, it is not legal to ask them their religious beliefs

therefore, one cannot know if prescribing a certain type of medication would be against

those beliefs. As a CEO, she would have to come up with an alternative plan for

dispensing these medications. The CEO would need to meet with the affected parties. In

a small hospital, this would be any other pharmacists, director of nursing and possible

other pharmacists in the community. This would need to be a confidential meeting. The

pharmacist that is refusing to give certain medications due to religious reasons does not

need to vilified due to religious beliefs in the community. A plan can be discussed with

alternative schedules and the ability to have an on call pharmacist to fill the need if a

prescription is needing to be filled.
Identify at least two applicable laws that impact this situation and describe the steps you would take as CEO to resolve this dilemma. Discuss your final decision.

The Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act was 2005-2006
Regular Session 1st House HR 1652 & Senate S 809
Summary: The Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act would ensure that a patient's prescription be filled without delay or harassment, regardless of the religious or moral beliefs of a specific pharmacist.
Best Help for Rape Victims Act
2005-2006 Regular Session 1st House HR 1214
Summary: The Best Help for Rape Victims Act would amend would ensure that women who have been raped are informed that emergency contraception (EC) -- a.k.a. Plan B or the "morning-after pill" -- is an option, and be provided with EC if they so desire.

The first law was enacted to assure that a patient would receive medication without

harassment. This means that the pharmacy must have a plan in place to assure that the

patient will get the medication prescribed by the physician.

The second law would allow a woman to ask for the Plan B or “morning-after pill”

without questioning. The law does allow for a woman to ask for this medication without

a prescription and to receive the medication. Again, a pharmacy must have a plan in

place to make adjustments for any pharmacist who may be unwilling to comply with the

law. The pharmacy is held accountable and may be liable under the law A

woman could potential bring a sex discrimination suit against the pharmacy for failure to

comply with the law (Spreng, 2008).

Spreng, J. (2008). Pharmacists and the "duty" to dispense emergency contraceptives.

Issues in Law & Medicine, 23, 215-77.

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