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Pharmacology Case Study

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University of Phoenix Material

Pharmacology Case Study Analysis Worksheet

Read the University of Phoenix Material: Pharmacology Case Study. Write a 350 word response to each of the following questions. The use of your textbooks or scholarly sources is recommended. Format any references consistent with APA guidelines.

1. What are two interventions that would help this couple take the correct medications at the correct times and on the correct days? An intervention that would help the couple with medications is one of the grown children can move closer to their parents. The child can monitor the couple more to ensure medication is taken correctly and at the right times. Another intervention to assist the couple is to have the medication measured out for the entire week. The family can do that. The insulin can be premeasured in the syringes and labeled with the time it is to be taken. The pills can be put in a medicine container or egg box that is labeled for the different days of the week. The process would start over on Sunday. Having a medication calendar can assist the family in taking the right amounts. The family can have a bell that goes off during the day when it is time to take medicines. Education is the key for the family to know and understand the importance of medication management. The grandchild and other children should learn about all the medication both parents take and what time it is taken. The process needs to be a team's effort, not just the elderly learning. Another intervention that would benefit John and Jane is one of the children can move closer to them. The grandson is living with the family, but he has limited interactions and cannot read, nor drive.

2. What education should be provided to the adult children and grandchild to help them understand the importance of taking the right medications at the right times?…...

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