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Pharmacy Law

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“Practice of Pharmacy”*DOES NOT INCLUDE: other providers dispensing drugs (including nurses), hospitals engaged in compounding/ dispensing, etc | a. the interpretation, evaluation, and implementation of a medical order, b. the dispensing of drugs and devices, c. drug product selection, d. the administration of drugs or devices e. drug utilization review, f. patient counseling, g. the provision of pharmaceutical care, and h. the responsibility for compounding and labeling of dispensed or repackaged drugs and devices, proper and safe storage of drugs and devices, and maintenance of proper records. | “active practice of pharmacy” | the performance of the functions set out in this section by a pharmacist as his or her principal or ordinary occupation | “pharmaceutical care”Note: CAN enter into practice agreement | the provision of drug therapy for the purpose of achieving therapeutic outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life, including include a. the cure of disease b. the elimination or reduction of a patient's symptomatology c. the arrest or slowing of a disease process d. the prevention of a disease or symptomatology | Equipment and Reference material requirements for operating a pharmacy | * Not very specific anymore * Up to judgment of pharmacist based on what they will be doing in the pharmacy * References must be up to date, in either printed or electronic form, and available at all times while the pharmacist is practicing for that pharmacy. * The orange book or an equivalent reference is necessary | Credential to practice may be denied, refused renewal, or have disciplinary measures taken: 1. misrepresent facts (not reporting felony, etc) 2. immoral conduct 3. abuse, dependence, active addiction on drugs/alcohol 4. failure to comply with a...

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