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Pharoah And Lafeyette Role Model

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I can not understand how Lafeyette and Pharoah grew up with all of the drugs, gangs, and violence all around them. When shootings between gangs would break out, it is not weird to them, it is an everyday occurrence. Also Pharoah and Lafeyette's older brother, Terrence, started selling drugs for a gang at about the age of ten. Additionally, he had been arrested forty-six times before he turned eighteen. So Pharoah and Lafeyette grow up with one of their role models being a criminal and drug dealer. Furthermore, Pharoah and Lafeyette's father was a drug addict. So they grew up with their two main male role models being involved with drugs. On top of that, when a kid was shot and killed in Henry Horner it was normal. But when a kid was shot and...

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