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Phase 2 Individual Project The Cornell method of note taking is very thorough. I liked it because the summary portion makes it easy to quickly review your notes without going in to full detail, and still be able to grasp concepts. I did not like the fact that you had to do the questions/keywords after you took the notes. This, to me at least, felt backwards from what I am used to and it became more time consuming for me because of that. I liked the outline method because of the way it flows with the text that I was reading. I disliked the outline method because actually typing it out, all of the letters and numbers get a little bit confusing and it almost takes away from the different points. My preferred method for note taking out of the two would be outline. It is easier to type and you can quickly look at key concepts. It is visually more appealing to me. Outlining your notes also seems to allow you to pack in more details than I was able to put into the Cornell notes. After reading chapter eight, I feel that I am a visual learner. I think that since I am a visual learner it makes sense that I would prefer the notes that are more visually appealing. I read that a visual learner should summarize information in visual formats such as short sentences or bullet points, which to me would be more like an outline. This also makes sense because I learned that visual learners are better at remembering what they read if it is written in descriptive text and with outlines you can pack in more detail, which allows you to be more descriptive.

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