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Phase 2

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Jenna Cardone

International Economics

WTO Phase II

February 8, 2014

United Kingdom/European Union

The European Union is a union of twenty eight member nations that work together to delegate political and economic issues. These countries have formed a single government that allows each nation to be interdependent on one another and, henceforth, reducing conflict between them. There is the free movement of goods, services, people, and money between each nation. The last one is made easiest through the common currency of the Euro. The only exception is the United Kingdom, who identifies with the Pound instead. The United Kingdom, along with being the only member of the EU that does not identify with the Euro has the ninth largest GDP in the world. The UK has the second largest GDP in the EU, second only to Germany, while the EU is the second highest GDP overall, just behind the United States (I). It just goes to show that while the European Union has some very strong economies in its membership, together they have created a world power. Imports in regards to the EU center primarily around dairy products, sugars and confectionery, and animal products, which, respectively, have MFN averages of 52.9, 32.1, and 20.4. The lowest average MFN is cotton, which is at a value of 0. The rest of the products are between a value of 1 and 20 and, for various reasons, are higher in value than cotton and much less than dairy, sugar, and animal products (II). The goods that are imported have a much higher percentage under duty-free than a simple share. Cotton, wood, paper, and petroleum were highest under duty free, while petroleum, minerals, metals, and non-electrical/electrical machinery were highest under share % of exports. It just goes to show that petroleum is easy to access and the EU wants it whether it is duty-free or not. Materials are easy to come buy...

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