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Application submitted via eVision
Internationa Office send to department for approval

Returned to International
Office and processed

Returned incomplete, sent back to department

Emailed to GRS for approval at the weekly GRC meeting

Candidate awaits outcome of
Scholarship application

Doctoral office emails result to the
International Office who then update eVision Candidate accepts offer in eVision
International Office emails confirmation of start date to GRS



Candidate Declines offer of place via eVision

Doctoral Office processes enrolment

Candidate completes declaration in eVision

Updated 19 December 2014

DEFINITION: International candidate = First year, never studied at the University of Otago before.
Candidate makes application
(Candidate has already received unofficial approval from the primary supervisor and their department before beginning the process)
Candidate contacts the International Office and applies via eVision and the application goes to the International Office portal.
Application is sent to the department for approval/signing by the following people;
Primary supervisor, HOD primary department (if applicable), Dean (if applicable), PVC delegate for the Division

If there are co-supervisors in any other departments it then goes to the following people within each department;
HOD, Dean (if applicable), PVC delegate for the Division
Once all signatures and any additional documentation is obtained it is sent back to the International Office (International first year at Otago only), International Office then sends it to the Doctoral Office.
Application is processed by the Doctoral Office
Application goes to a weekly meeting for approval (Scholarships application meetings are once a month)
Decision is made and the Doctoral Administrators update the International Office with the decision and they will contact the candidate with the decision
Candidate awaits the outcome of the Scholarship committee meeting before accepting offer (if they have applied for a Scholarship)
If accepted;
After the candidate has accepted the offer via eVision the International Office advises the Doctoral Office of the start date. Doctoral Office processes the candidate’s enrolment and then emails the International Office who advise the candidate that they can access the declaration to complete the enrolment process.
If the offer of place is to be declined then the candidate declines the offer in eVision.
Once these steps are complete then the application and the enrolment for the current calendar year are complete.
The Graduate Research School welcomes you to Doctoral study at Otago!

Updated 19 December 2014

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