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Phenominal Woman

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I have read Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. I enjoyed this poem. I think that it has a positive message, and people can relate to it. This poem is really pretty. The rhythm flows beautifully throughout the entire piece. I think this is a good poem for people who are not very familiar with poetry. The beat is easy to find, but it isn’t too simple. Many times, I have read poems in which I have difficulty finding the rhythm, or the rhythm isn’t consistent through the whole poem. I also like the way that the words sound like they belong there. The words rhyme, but they don’t feel like they are in the poem for that purpose only. I think that people sometimes put words into poems that don’t really fit that well. The words may finish the sentence properly, but they are not words that you would use every day. I think this takes away from a poem because it kind of makes you pause in the middle of the flow. I feel that this poem appeals very much to people who are not what our society calls beautiful. There are many wonderful people who don’t quite fit the standard of this MTV culture that we live in. People are so quick to judge others on their outward appearance that they don’t take the time to get to know the person inside. This poem sends the message that you can be confident in your self even if you are not a super model. I can personally relate to this poem in several ways. As you have probably noticed, I am not the best looking guy in the world. I do however have some very fine qualities, but I forget them when I don’t feel very good about myself. This in turn makes me shy and I don’t even let people get to know me because I become reclusive. It is a lot easier to stay hidden in the background than to get in the middle of everyone and be ridiculed. Another way that I can relate to this poem is the message that you don’t have to be the star to be heard. I play the bass guitar. I have friends that ask me “Why don’t you play lead guitar?”. They say this as if playing the background music isn’t good enough. Well I do know one thing; the song isn’t the same without the bass. Doing my part of more than enough satisfaction for me. I think this is a great poem. It is simple yet moving. Much like the author’s description of herself. I would like to close with a quote from Al Franken’s popular Saturday Night Live character, Stuart Smalley. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.”

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