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There is the belief that every human has an obligation to not just animals but to all living creatures, to treat them humanly and just but I don’t think they should be treated like humans, as we have the possibility of leading a higher quality of life. There is “the idea that human interests are superior to those of other sentient beings” (Mosser, pg. 72) but that is not to say that all animals shouldn’t be treated equal in the role they play, just not on the same level as a person. I am a big meat eater and have never looked at my food and felt regret but I would have reason to pause if someone showed me proof that the animals being served at a certain restaurant were treated cruelly before they were butchered for consumption. I don’t think there is a balance in the treatment of animals and butchering them for food. To raise the standard on how we treat animals, so as it gives them not equal but similar rights as a person, leaves another door open for people that have the same mental function of an animal and doesn’t show that they have a possibility to have a higher quality of life. Does that mean that we can kill them, eat them, or conduct pharmaceutical tests on them? Of course not but people tend not to look at it in that light. So I think that animals should have a principle of equality and rights that put into consideration a clean environment, free from suffering from pain and suffering, to allow the animal to live their life as close to natural as possible before being processed for consumption

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