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Phi 445 Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values
Sharlene Cruz
PHI 445 Personal & Organizational Ethics
Prof. Robert Wengryzn
March 03, 2014

Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values In this paper, the author will compare and contrast 2 health care organization’s; Sutter Health Care, a non-profit organization whose mission statement is; “We enhance the well-being of people in the communities we serve through a not-for-profit commitment to compassion and excellence in health care services.” Then there is St. Joseph’s Health Care, a for profit organization whose mission statement is; “To extend the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange by continually improving the health and quality of life of people in the communities we serve.” Both mission statements, although worded differently, hold the same meaning in regards to community health care, however one basing it’s care on religious overtures. Sutter Health Organization’s website claim they are the largest and most popular health organization in Northern California. Sutter health as it is known today was created in 1996 through the merger of its Sacramento based organization and the Bay Area based Health care System. In part it was created due to many physicians and small clinics and hospitals needing to close their doors due to rising costs and the difficulty of health payments. Sutter Health’s organization is a vast network of health care providers ranging from family health to even transplants. As a not for profit, the monies coming in from health payments and charitable donations are in turn used back into the community. Although Sutter Health organization has many hospitals, clinics and other organizations affiliated with the Sutter name, its home office is located where it has become what it is today and that is in...

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