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Philadelphia Phillies

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Case Study Analysis: Philadelphia Phillies
Question- assessing the competitive environment the Phillies participate in and suggest ways for them to manage their product and highlight their brand accordingly.

Philadelphia Phillies are a major league baseball team. They are the oldest continuous, one name, one city franchise in all of professional American sports. Philadelphia Phillies had participated in so many activities such as the Phillies baseball academy for boys and girls ages 6-14. Offers campers unforgettable baseball and softball experiences they will treasure for a lifetime. Many of us are familiar with a close relationship in which all parties’ benefits from relationship. A common example of mutualism relationship is between a dog and human. Dog supply protection and companionship and the human provide shelter and food for the dog. However nature is not the only place that mutualism relationship can occur. In facts they can occur in business, particularly in the form of sports sponsorship. The relationship between sponsors and sports events, sports organization is not different than the human and dog relationship they have. All relationships operate based on some essential characteristics that can be illustrated in the relationship management theory. “The most important supported elements of mutualism are trust commitment, satisfaction, and control relationship. “ As I have discuss in a previous paragraph, trust between organizations is very important , “both parties must believe that they will experience positive benefits from the relationship and they will reach full satisfaction when a balance of a reward and costs is achieved(Shen2012). In term of commitment, both parties in the relationship must believe ‘’that the relationship is worth spending time and energy to maintain “(Shen2012). When one of the party is...

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